Trailrunnersdog – The Trailrunning Podcast

Trailrunnersdog – Your Trailrunning Podcast at Rhine and Mosel

Since the end of 2016, it is now already available, the Trailrunning Podcast from Trailrunnersdog. Recorded at the beginning only during the regular runs, the Trailrunning Podcast has now been broadcast in new audio quality since episode 030. In the Trailrunning Podcast, Sascha tells him what is going on in his head, and Aufregerthemen like “Runner vs. Dog “or the topic ” #cleanyourtrails” known from the blog. Do you have a special topic that you would like to address? Then write me an email to [email protected] You can also send me an audio file with your comment or request and become part of the Trailrunning Podcast.

On this page you will find all the episodes in the overview and you have the possibility to subscribe to the Trailrunning Podcast via the Subscribe button.

Here you will find live episodes directly from the trail, Aufregerthemen, opinions, moods and interesting guests.

You can also find the Trailrunning Podcast on YouTube.





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