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Orange Mud’s Gear Vest is designed for fast units on the bike or trail, as well as competitions with sufficient aid stations. It offers space for a 1 liter bladder and either 2 600 ml soft flasks or additional nutrition.


Volume2 litres
Weight253 grams
Reservoir1 litre bladder
Material Nylon / polyester / spandex
Sizesonesize up to 137 cm chest circumference
Purpose Trail and ultra-running, mountain biking, hiking, SUP, skiing

First impression

The Orange Mud Gear Vest feels light and pleasantly soft and offers the usual bag concept. The edges are neatly sewn and everything looks usually solid. If you already know the packs of Orange Mud, you will not experience any surprises here. Everything is in its usual place.


The Orange Mud Gear Vest comes in a uniform size and fits both large and small people. The back part sits as you used to from Orange Mud very high on the back and thus ensures a sturdy seat. The high seat helps to keep the lower back free and to ensure the exchange of heat. The two chest straps are elastic and can be shifted in height. Due to the elasticity of the chest straps, the Orange Mud Gear Vest offers sufficient freedom of breathing and a good fit for female trail runners. With the help of the two side straps, the Orange Mud Gear Vest can be adapted to almost any body shape and sits without wobbling.


One of the outstanding features of Orange Mud’s products is their longevity and robustness, while maintaining the minimum weight and breathability. The materials used by Orange Mud are lightweight, breathable and robust to the same. The Orange Mud Gear Vest is no exception. Every yarn and fabric that processes Orange Mud meets the military standard of the U.S. Army. Every important seam at the Orange Mud Gear Vest is redundant designed to ensure the function in case of a defect. This method also gives Orange Mud’s packs their unique look.

Bags and storage space

The Orange Mud Gear Vest has 7 pockets and compartments to store the equipment needed.

On the back of the Gear Vest is the main compartment in which the drinking bubble sits. As the Gear Vest puts its focus on lightness, breathability and speed, there’s not much equipment that fits in there anymore. However, you always get an emergency bar or multifunction cloth under.

On the shoulder of the Orange Mud Pack, are the well-known and proven bags that can be sealed by velcro. There, things like a smartphone (personally tested to iPhone 8), bars, sunglasses or sunscreen fit in.

The two large front pockets of the Orange Mud Gear Vest fits softflasks up to a volume of just over 600 ml without any problems. A shockcord closes the pockets when needed and secures the contents. On the large chest compartments sit the well-known two smaller pockets, in which you can, for example, place your empty gel or bar packaging.


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Special feature of the Gear Vest Pro

In addition to the regular Gear Vest, the Pro variant is also available. This variant offers 4 litres of congestion.

It comes with an additional bag placed on the drinking bubble. For example, the Gear Vest Pro offers as much storage capacity as the Endurance Pack, with a smaller surface area and less fluid volume.
Gloves and weather protection clothing fit into the pack without any problems.


The Gear Vest is aimed at runners and bikers who make do with a litre of liquid. From my experience, the 1 litre is about enough for runs of up to 120 minutes. In summer, however, the need for fluid usually increases, so that the range here decreases a bit. By being able to supplement up to 1200 milliliters with the help of soft flasks, you can more than double the range.
In competitions, the Gear Vest can serve to ensure its own food between the food points and to carry the bare necessities of equipment on the body. So the focus of this pack is clearly on either shorter runs or those with sufficient food points.
If you want to have a drink with you on your holiday evening lap in the summer, you are also well served here.

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