Running with Dog, Trail Running and Ultra Marathon

My name is Sascha and on Trailrunnersdog trail running and the little stories that tell life and running are the focus. Here it is also a bit more grouped, be it on the trail or if I have to get upset about something again. Here you will find running reports about running events, trail running products and my personal hobbyhorse "#cleanyourtrails." 

Cleanyourtrails-Trail Running meets environmental protection

For me, trail running means a love of nature. I can't enjoy running through the woods and destroying and polluting them at the same time. Impossible!

A good runner leaves nothing but his footprint. What I haul on the trail, I also take home again. Trail Running is a clean sport! Cleanyourtrails goes a step further, it means not only taking your own garbage back home, but collecting the garbage of others. Free. Because of the matter. The Cleaner of the Trails gather in the Facebook group "#cleanyourtrails" and host regular garbage collection runs in the group or are on their own.

    Trail Running Equipment Tests

    Of course, there is no shortage of equipment tests on It is obvious that if I have been running a lot and I have been on the road for a long time, I am also testing one or the other product. Anyone who follows the blog will quickly find that I have a certain preference for certain manufacturers. In the blog, for example, there are usually mainly products from inov-8 and Orange Mud.


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