Supporters of Trailrunnersdog

You would like to support the Trailrunnersdog, but do not know exactly how? Then you can find a few ways to do this, with or without your own financial commitment. Set yourself in the

Supporters of Trailrunnersdog

Michael W., Caro, Tobias S, @derMR, Philipp T, Markus S, Alex, Flo, Eric, Florian P, Jörg Jo, Florian K, Robert S, Daniel P, Lara, Jari, Karsten

This is your place, because you are part of Trailrunnersdog! Thanks to everyone who supports the blog!

Support the blog without your own financial effort!

About the Affiliate program of, you give me some of the sales that you generate with the help of the following link on Amazon. You don’t even pay an extra penny for your purchases! Just use the link for your next Amazon shopping tour.

Amazon affiliate link

Amazon wishlist – Here you will incur a cost if you buy one of the items on the list for me.

Spread the word!

Tell your friends and family or team-mates about or the Trailrunning Podcast. Through more readers and listeners, the Trailrunning Blog and Podcast can get a higher level of awareness, which shows me on the one sinde that my “work” and stories find interest and on the other side, the blog has such a chance to grow. Besides, you also stroke my ego wonderfully when you tell everyone how great this blog is!

Share your story!

You really want to tell your story? Then always give it to me! I like to publish your texts on the blog, no matter if race reports or stories you experienced while running. Do you want to introduce your walking station to the readers and me? Also good! Always with story and pictures! Send me your story by email to [email protected]

Support the blog financially!

If the points above are not enough for you and you feel that you really want to donate money, then you have the following options.


Simple and simple. Many people already use PayPal for various transactions and therefore already have an account there. Just click on the link and donate an amount of your choice.

NEW: Steady

Steady is the german Patreon, the service from Berlin offers a kind of trial. So you can test me for 30 days and decide if you really want to support me. Steady offers in addition to PayPal also SEPA remittances as payment method and your support is of course also without exchange rate losses with me. Clicking on the banner will take you directly to my project page.

Bank transfer

You’re scaring everyone back? You don’t trust PayPal or Patreon and still want to support me? No problem!

    Support account

Sascha Rupp

Iban: DE57 5765 0010 0198 3889 69


Purpose: Trailrunnersdog

Each supporter lands if he does not oppose it on the support list.


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