Welcome to Trailrunnersdog – the trail running blog at Rhine and Moselle.

My name is Sascha and on Trailrunnersdog stands the trail and the little stories that tells the life and running in the center. Here you will find reports about running events, trail products and my personal hobby “#cleanyourtrails”.

Cleanyourtrails – Trail running meets environmental protection

For me, trailrunning means love for nature. I can’t enjoy walking through the woods and destroying and polluting them at the same time. Impossible! A good runner leaves nothing but his footprint. What I drag on the trail, I take home again. Trailrunning is a clean sport. Cleanyourtrails goes one step further, it means not only to take his own rubbish back home, but to collect the rubbish of others. Do good and talk about it! The cleaners of the trails collect in the Facebook group “#cleanyourtrails” and organize regular garbage collection runs in groups or are on the go alone.

Be a cleaner of the trails too!

Trail running at Moselle

I love to run in the forest and the trails in my precinct are my second home. There I am whenever I find the time. I’m not a frontrunner, I like it rather cozy and long. The ultra distances are what fascinates me. But no matter if 20 kilometers or well over 100 kilometers in a piece, that’s what freedom means to me. To be able to just run away and not worry about how far ahead my goal is. Trailrunning means pure happiness to me. It’s a gift to be able to run. Here I write and talk about my passion, running on trails. Away from the hype and commerce. Always with passion. Never with exaggerated ambition.

I like to run with my dog Bonni, she is the “Trailrunners dog”. We have been running through the area since 2010 and have collected countless kilometers. Bonni, of course, prefers to go in the woods than anywhere else. Bonni loves trailrunning.

Tips and tricks

Once in a while, you’ll also get some practical tips on how to run safely on the trails and how to tackle dangers on the trail. I do not claim to be perfect or a good runner, but I am already experienced. So I try to give tips that have brought me further to the readers of Trailrunnersdog.

The Trailrunning podcast by Trailrunnersdog

The podcast emerged at the end of 2016 on a whim and has evolved since then, and serves me to communicate honestly and spontaneously with you. Many things are said faster than typed. You can find the Trailrunning podcast here-> Trailrunning podcast

Many greetings and always a hand wide mud under your trail shoe.