Welcome to my running blog TrailRunnersDog.de!

My name is Sascha and running on the trails at the beautiful Moselle is what I like to do most in my spare time. Here in the blog I write about running in general and the trail running in particular, because here on Rhein and Mosel I have perfect conditions for it. Whether it's forest trails, single trails over slate, roots and debris, you can easily stand it on the Moselle.

I love running off-road, the forest and trails in my area are my second home. That's where I am whenever I find the time to do so.

I'm not a competitive runner, I like it rather cosy and long. Ultramarathon is what fascinates me. But whether it's 20 kilometers or well over 100 kilometers in a single, that's what freedom means to me. To be able to just run off and not worry about how far ahead my goal is. Trail running means pure luck to me. It's a gift to be able to run. Here I write and talk about my passion, running on trails. The trail running. Away from the hype and commerce. Always with passion. Never with excessive ambition.

My Bonni is the TrailRunner's Dog. We have been walking through the area together since 2010, racking up countless kilometres in the process. Bonni, too, is, of course, preferring to be in the woods rather than anywhere else.

Here it is also a bit more grouped, be it on the trail or if I have to get upset about something again. Here you will find reports about running events, trail running products and my personal hobbyhorse "#cleanyourtrails."

TrailRunning Podcast

At the end of 2016 I too went under the podcasters and either take you live on the track or have conversations with interesting people from the trail running area.

In the category "Trail Types" interesting interlocutors have their say and tell of exciting runs and small adventures. Here I sometimes look outside the box "Trail Running" and then have stories about endurance sports in the podcast.